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    Props to @Princepugh who provided enough instructions to repair my FR-V cup holder and to be able to write this guide.

    The FR-V front cup holder is susceptible to the arms on the front cup holder breaking when large drinks bottles are forced into the outer spaces. One of my "little darlings", probably the 14yo, managed to break mine yesterday. The replacement part from Honda is £140+ with second hand parts on eBay selling for £75. Err, no.

    The easiest way I found to remove the to remove the cup holder is to pull it out and remove the screw marked below on either side. You the gently pull the metal sides out and the cup holder drops out along with two plastic sliders and two leaf springs. Be sure to put the screws, springs and sliders somewhere safe for later.

    Next turn the holder over and remove the "c-clip" off the pin that holds the broken arm on.

    As you can see in the next picture the lower hinge hole has snapped.

    Get a piece of paper, I used half a Post-it, roll it into a tube and slide it in where the retaining pin would go. Slide on a couple of washers, one above and one below the break. Glue the washers in place with epoxy and fill where the break was. I also put a small piece of wire in the gap to help support the epoxy (see the next pic).

    Once the epoxy has 95% gone off you can cut the paper tube to the right size, pull out what you can and finally ream the hole with a wood drill. The "hinge" actually rests on the bottom of the arm so you can build the epoxy up a bit on the top and bottom washer. Be careful not to go to "wide" as the arm needs to still "swing.

    Now you can refit the arm to the holder. The most difficult bit is to get the spring in the correct place.

    While the holder is off you could pro-actively reinforce the other side with washers and epoxy, but I would do it after you have the broken side reassembled so you can see how it all goes back together.

    Finally you need to put it all back together. The key to this is to slide the metal plates forward like in the picture below (see arrow).

    You can the fit the plastic sliders back onto the plates, making sure the leaf springs fit on the little "dots" and that the plastic "nipples" fit snugly in holes (see the first picture). The sliders curve towards you with the "flat" ends at the bottom. It's a bit of a job to get them in the holes but when you do get it right you will know it. When you have both sliders refitted slide the metal plates back forward and refit the screws. The cup holder should then just slide/clip in and the whole unit will work again. If it is stiff or jamming as you try to put it back in you have probably not got the nipples in the holes correctly.

    Right, job done. You've saved yourself between £75 and £200 and you can use that as excuse to spend at least some of the savings on beer/curry/toys for you. Also, be sure to tell the family not to do it again or you will "charge them" £100 to fix it next time.
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    Excellent post, just fixed mine buy following your guide.
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    this is brilliant
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    Hi, incredibly, I was stupid enough to take both folding arms off my cup holder to repair them without taking any photos of how the springs are mounted/installed.

    So, I went to reassemble after a few days away, and I just cannot remember where the springs sit exactly..........

    Does anyone have any photos that might give me a clue please?

    Many thanks
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    Which springs? Is it visible without removing the cup holders?
    If yes, i can get you pictures of mine.
  6. Sparky42 New Member Getting Started

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    I think so.

    Any shots at all of the spring fitment on the moving half of the cup holders would be great

    Many Thanks!
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    Sorry, just seen this now, I'll get it for you tomorrow, when it a bit more light lol
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    Sorry no photos but I did the exact same thing. After some fiddling I re fitted them by having the straight parts sticking out the back, then pushing them into place. The bent one is to the lower side (closest to the centre cup) and the straight one to the upper side (away from the centre cup). Hope this helps.
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    Sorry @Sparky42, this has completed slipped out of my mind. I do apologise. Do you still require a picture?