Engine & Gearbox FR-V dead!

Discussion in 'Honda F/H-Series' started by carryoncampers, Sunday 16th Jul, 2017.

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    hi, our 2008 FR-V 2.2d has just broken down, and whilst my wife awaits a tow truck I thought I'd try and get some ideas about what's the problem.
    She phoned me to say the airbag and VSA (can't remember the initials) stability lights had come on.
    When she tried to start the car again it was completely dead. Not even any dash lights.

    Had two new rear tyres yesterday... If that could have disturbed anything?

    The lack of lights would make me suspect battery or a fuse but why the warning lights beforehand??

    Thanks for any advice.
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    Well I think I've come up with the answer...
    The lights came on because those systems weren't getting enough power as the battery was draining whilst driving so it is probably the alternator.
    Now to wait and see how tricky that looks to replace...
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    Yeah tyres won't kill the car unless it rolls over God forbid. Does sound like flat battery caused by something and you are correctly suspicious about the alternator. Let us know
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    Hi, As mentioned above I would be looking at the alternator. I had exactly the same problem, first try disconnecting the alternator (all cables). If the lights come on then I suspect its the same as my problem and the alternator shorting out. You should be able to start the car without the alternator connected by jumping it. Unfortunately it will be a new alternator.