Engine & Gearbox FR-V 2.2 Diesel intermittent "rattle"

Discussion in '1st Generation (2004-2011)' started by al100010, Sunday 14th Jul, 2019.

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    Hi my FR-V 2.2 Diesel has developed a loud intermittent “rattle”. When it occurs it does not appear to be engine or road speed related i.e. the noise does not speed up or slow down in sync with engine RPM or road speed, clutch dipped or not. It appears to stop at around 1100 / 1200 RPM. It has happened on both hot / cold engine and I can’t link it to any particular input that starts it. She’s done 163k miles at first I thought it might be the thrust bearing but before it started I had had DMF and clutch changed at around 140K.
    I can’t define it to an area other than right hand side of engine bay, annoyingly it never occurs when it is never possible to pop bonnet and listen, and by the time I can it stops. I have sat for ages with the engine running on my drive waiting ready to pounce but she does not doit :brickwall:. To me it sounds a bit like a bearing spinning and on its way out, if that makes sense possible the aux tensioner pulley? My air con works fine cuts in and out when needed could it be something in the HVAC elctro magnetic clutch rattling around?
    Any thoughts?
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    Couldn’t be a heat shield that is coming loose?