Guides FR-V 2.0 manual transmission fluid change DIY

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    Very straight forward no under tray to remove, just remove the filler and drain bolt.

    Remove the drain plug (D) and drain the fluid.

    Reinstall the drain plug with a new washer, and refill the transmission fluid to the proper level by removed filler plug A. But a new washer when tightening up.

    1.5 L (1.6 US qt, 1.3 lmp qt) at fluid change
    1.7 L (1.8 US qt, 1.5 lmp qt) at overhaul

    Always use Honda Manual Transmission Fluid (MTF -3). Using engine oil can cause stiffer shifting because it does not contain the proper additives.

    Reinstall the oil filler plug (A) with a new washer.

    FR-V 2.0 MTF Inspection and Replacement AOCUK1.JPG
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    Re: 2.0 manual transmission fluid change DIY

    Nice one CJ.

    Point to highlight ... always undo the fill bolt first. Reason being you don't want to end up in a situation whereby you've undone the drain bolt, drained out all the fluid but when it's come to the fill bolt you find your unable to budge it. You'll then be in spot of bother as you'e got not fluid in the gearbox.
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    Re: 2.0 manual transmission fluid change DIY

    Very true indeed that's what I do as a best practice, but TBH never have an issue in removing bolts as they are always torqued they are never overtightened.
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    Hi. I have a 2008 FR-V Automatic. When I bought the car there is no manual. Any idea when the automatic transmission oil needs changing? Also what about the spark plugs, which I believe are iridium ones? I get the impression it should be every 60-100k miles, but anyone with any advice/opinion on that? Thanks,
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    Hi @Ichiban,

    Can you re-post the images in your original post? They're broken.

    I'm having issues changing gear in my '08 FR-V 2.2 CTDI, feels like the clutch isn't disengaging. So I thought about changing the MTF before potentially replacing clutch and DMF which I've been quoted £1400 for!
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    Could you please re-post the thread on Honda FR-V, manual transmission fluid change, as the current links do not open, I cannot find my oil-fill position on my FR-V 2.2 DCI.
    Thanks Regards