Aftermarket Kit Footrest/Dead Pedal cover - New for the Prelude

Discussion in '5th Generation (1997-2001)' started by norks27, Monday 25th Jun, 2018.

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    A bit of subtle 'bling' for your Lude:

    Goes nicely with a set of these:

    Some of you may have invested in the Mugen Sports Pedals for your Prelude, or have the original Honda sports pedal kit. I wanted to complete the look, hence the dead pedal cover - ho

    I've teamed up with:

    autoCOVR | quality crafted automotive steel covers

    They've designed a cosmetic metal foot rest cover for RHD 5th Generation Prelude, (I'm hoping a version for the 4th Generation will be available soon, exact same dimensions as the 5th Generation, just need the scroll font).

    Personally I think it's a nice little touch for your beloved Lude. Should be available to purchase soon, i'll update the thread with a link once available.