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    About one month ago I was fortunate to find this forum where I found a removal and repair guide for a flickering upper display panel on my 2007 petrol Honda Exec. Without this guide I would never have considered lifting the main connector off the PCB ( I was convinced it was soldered on) but with the help of the guide, I did lift the connector and then found 2 pins which showed no solder whatsoever. Having applied solder the unit worked and has not flickered once in the last month.
    The cause I am convinced was the fact that last summer the car was outside in temperatures of 40C which must have affected the (lead free) ?? solder causing it to detach from the pins.
    Thanks to the information on this forum and especially the tremendously valuable guide created by one of your members, a worrying fault has been corrected without the need to go to a garage.
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    Hello @Surveyor Glad to hear you got this sorted via the help of this forum.
    In the process of repairs, you can take pictures and upload them here, that way it will help others with similar problems.