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    Phillip Whitstable, Kent
    Purpose of this report/post is for general knowledge sharing, and for prospective purchasers of a CR-V.

    This is the fifth and final annual report on my CR-V; sadly, my car was written off last week. My wife was rear-ended on a slip road near where we live; although the damage looks superficial, it has been classed as a Category S (structural) and is uneconomical to repair due to age and mileage. Following an extensive conversation with the assessing engineer, it’s likely that I will just take the settlement figure, rather than buy it back and get it fixed independently.

    On the plus side, my wife and daughter are both fine, and if they had been in her Fiat 500 then it may have been a different story.
    I will probably replace it with something different – I like cars, and I like variety so I probably won’t be getting another CR-V, but it has been the most enjoyable car I have owned in my adult life (I’m not counting the Vauxhall Cavalier SRI I had in my youth, which I still hanker after!).
    I’ve owned it for 5 years and covered 95k miles in it – it got written off almost 5 years to the day I picked it up!

    Previous annual reports can be found here:



    My CR-V was a 2008 Petrol EX 2.0 auto; it was originally bought for business use - motorway cruising. At the time, I was a self-employed project manager based in Kent, but travelling all round the country doing about 24K per annum; I’m now in an employed home based position with very little business mileage, and mileage over the past 12 months has been 18K.

    We weren’t specifically looking for a CR-V; I was looking for a comfortable second hand vehicle that was big enough for university trips, camping trips etc. as well as significant business mileage on motorways and in traffic. It was purchased from a reputable used non-franchise dealer a few miles from where I live. Initially, the business mileage I was doing was covering business fuel costs as well as the purchase cost and all servicing/maintenance. The only cost to me was insurance and tax – a total of £50 plus personal fuel per month, so it worked out well and was as close to zero cost as you can get (certainly cheaper than the tax you’d pay on an equivalent new company car). By rights, I should have bought a diesel, but my wife and I both liked this one.

    The vehicle had 64K on the clock when I bought it and a full Honda service history. It had nearly 159K when written off, so I’ve done 95K in it in total - and it was using just under 500ml of oil between services - quite acceptable! I’ve carried out the last two services myself as it was easy for me to do and the residual value of the car would be unaffected by professional servicing. I have also carried out any repairs I was able to myself – in the past 12 months I have had to replace the front shocks. I have a hobby car I can use as a spare vehicle, which removes the deadline element of fixing a car (or figuring out how to fix it!).

    How much has it cost me to run?

    Fuel cost per mile was running at 21p this year – this is doing mainly town driving and includes a few hundred miles towing. Current average MPG from all fills since January 2019 is showing 27.72. This compares to the following

    End 2018: 27.69
    End 2017: 28.65
    End 2016: 28.02
    End 2015: 30.10
    End 2014: 31.44

    MPG drops to about 18 when towing. I measure MPG using the tank-to-tank fill method – every trip computer on every car I’ve had has been generous on MPG, but the tank-to-tank method doesn’t lie.

    In term of repairs and maintenance, the cost of service/maintenance/repairs (including tyres) was 5p per mile over the five years I owned the car, or £71.90 per month. I consider this acceptable for running a second-hand vehicle of that type, with the mileage I’m doing.


    Mileage (approx)

    Item Description




    A/C Service



    A/C relay




    Diff Fluid (changed on 04/Aug/2016 by Chapel)




    Front Discs and pads - Kwik-Fit



    N/S mirror indicator LED assembly




    Service including fit of n/s mirror




    Puncture Repair (Kwik-Fit)



    2 X Goodyear Efficient grip SUV tyres (for front, supply only)




    Service, MoT and fit front tyres (inc tracking) - professional




    Service - professional







    Brake Fluid - purchase only (trade pack shared with other car)



    Diff and Automatic transmission fluid (purchase only)




    Full service - all fluids changed except coolant




    Rear tyres (Falkens) + Tracking



    Puncture Repair (Wheel-in)




    Panoramic Roof replacement (insurance job - excess only)




    Service and MoT - professional




    Service by self




    New brake discs and pads front and rear - self




    Genuine Honda Coolant (coolant change by self)








    Front shock absorbers/drop links fitted by self




    New Front tyres + tracking (Wheel-in)



    Dual Pump Fluid for diff (flush and change) - purchase only




    Labour for Diff fluid change (BD Motors)




    Battery - Halfords (fitted)



    Service Parts: filters, oil, brake fluid (see receipt)



    Genuine Honda ATF




    Service by self (brake fluid not changed at this point)



    Rear n/s tyre due to puncture


    1. The N/S/F shock went in September – I replaced both front shocks and drop links (I had to cut the old drop links off!).
    2. The battery failed at Toddington Services in December – whilst my wife was driving up to Liverpool to collect my daughter – and I was sitting on a plane on a business trip and unable to help (we do have breakdown cover). It’s the first time I’ve known a battery to fail after 2 hours of motorway driving. It clearly had enough in it to start the car on a cold and dark December morning, but clearly didn’t charge after that.

    It had Falkens all round until a puncture the day before a holiday in April and the tyre could not be repaired; I just had a mid-range tyre put on it that was in stock. I tried GoodYear SUVs on the front but didn’t see the benefit over the Falkens.


    I have loved owning this car, and if it hadn’t been written off I would have kept it for at least another 2 years, and it would have been knocking on the door of 200K by that time. I did drive it very sympathetically, as can be seen by the mileage I get from tyres and brakes. I accepted it for what it is (i.e. not a sports car) and I drove it accordingly. I’m also pretty good with preventative maintenance – it gets serviced religiously and as I tow with it I changed the ATF and diff fluid a little more regularly than required.

    My only complaint – and this is more to do with my choice of caravan - is when I’m towing. I tow a 1500KG caravan (which I didn’t have when I bought the car), so I’m up to the towing limit for the vehicle, at a 93% weight match (against kerbweight). The outfit is stable on the road, but I’d prefer a bit more power.

    Now I’m forced to change the car I will be getting a diesel – even though they are unpopular these days!

    I have posted separately about my towing experience, here:
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