Service & Maintenance Febest is it good?

Discussion in '7th Generation (2003-2008) [Acura TSX]' started by TedH77, Thursday 11th Jul, 2019.

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    Hi everybody!
    I have some questions, maybe someone could tell me about febest parts, is it worth it to buy? I need to replace upper control arm, and in my country there is no good suggestions for these parts. I could buy from dealer, but i think it would cost 10times more for one upper control arm than for two febest parts :Smile:) So I need your opinions about febest parts!

    Thank you!
    Sorry for grammar mistakes!
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    when I had to replace upper and lower wishbones on my Tourer I made sure that I got Meyle parts. I don't know too much about Febest however I had bad experiences with Febest in the past (maaaany moons ago) so am a wee bit apprehensive to buy that.

    Having said that they might have changed/improved over time but I still would buy original or very well known quality brands. It is more expensive however it will last longer and the difference in price is not always that huge.

    I paid about £120 for drop link, upper and lower wishbone including the lower balljoint. And all Meyle.

    Best to do is replace all these parts at once. I did the wishbones and droplink but had to get my garage to do the balljoint. Half shaft has to come out and the hub nut is 36mm. I will do the other side (except balljoint) maybe next year just to have them relatively close by replaced to keep them and me save and sound.

    Ta, Axel