Bulletins & Advisories FD3 Hybrid battery warranty extension

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    Honda have released the following TSB SN-10-002-00 dated 22-02-13 for all Honda Civic Hybrids made in 2011 only.

    The Symptoms.

    IMA battery deteriorated prematurely and IMA warning light came on. DTC P0A7F "Battery Module Deterioration" was stored on the ECU.

    The Cause.
    Due to the surface-active agent added into the IMA battery cells in the supplier production process, the
    separators could not keep electrolyte evenly in the cells.As a result, ION transfer was hindered resulting in lower battery output and capacity deterioration was judged, resulting micro-short occurred in the IMA battery, leading to early deterioration during usage.

    The Fix.
    In supplier production process changed, surface-active agent no longer applied to IMA battery cells.Reduce content of cobalt in IMA battery cell to prevent micro-short circuit occurring.Honda have and the vendor have identified this flaw a warranty extension was applied to the IMA Battery.In case of IMA Battery replacement, apply warranty extension after confirming the following DTC is stored:
    -DTC P0A7F (Battery Module Deterioration).

    The Repair Method.
    1. Replace the IMA battery with a new one.
    2. Rewrite the IMA battery ECU using the latest software.
    3. Rewrite the FI ECU using the latest software.

    Affected VIN Range.
    2011 Model Year Civic Hybrid Only.

    Warranty Extension Period.

    Warranty Period: 8 years or 160,000km (whichever
    occurs first) so FD3 owners should be covered till 2019.

    Please contact your nearest Honda dealer and ask them to carry out a complete IMA health check (You may have to pay for this is no fault is found) If the fault is found they should be able to carry out the work under the warranty extension.