Detailing Farecla G3 Pro scratch remover.

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    Bought this in the 150mm paste version to sort out some of the lighter scratches around my CR-V. Used with the Farecla Pro handheld pads, one White for use with the paste and a Black pad for polishing.
    Have to say I'm impressed with the results, lighter scratches all but disappeared and heavier scratches diminished greatly, (not in your face like before). You do have to work at it though and I found going over the scratch a second time yielded a better result.
    You're supposed to follow on with a good polish which I've yet to do and would likely make for an even better job of it.
    I've now purchased the 500mm liquid version which cost me only slightly more than the paste as I've still got scratches to sort out on my other car, still to find out how the liquid version performs vs the paste, probably better using with a machine polisher, but we'll see!

    Overall, I'm happy with the results and happy to recommend.
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    Pictures would be good, please. :Smile:
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    03C222EF-D243-440F-B403-B165BFF522B7. This is what we use in Bodyshop
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