Engine & Gearbox F18B2 Engine problems help!

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    Hi guys! I've recently acquired a 2000 plate, 5 door, 1.8l F18B2 Accord as a run around whilst I save up the money to boost my MB6. The car is a joy to drive, however I have a few problems:

    1. The car smokes under hard acceleration and it smokes ALOT.
    2. Sometimes, even when the car is warmed up, I'll hit 5K RPM and VTEC won't kick in but then all of a sudden it will and I will get this kangaroo effect where the car leaps forward then drops out of a VTEC and it does this until I ease back down.
    3. Linked with the smoking problem, the car goes through a few litres of oil every 2-3 weeks nearly.

    The cars nearing 120K miles, however when driving about normally the car is immensely pleasant to drive with no problems apart from a slipping clutch, but as soon as I put my foot down all hell breaks loose.

    If anyone could shed some light on the potential causes of these problems and how I could diagnose them I would be incredibly grateful :Smile:.

    Thank you in advance.
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    You need to get a compression test and leak down test done to give a true idea of the internal state of the engine.
    From your description it sounds like you have some worn piston rings.

    For VTEC you need oil pressure, so if your running with low oil there isn't enough oil pressure to hit VTEC properly.
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    Plus one for leak down it just reveals everything without the need of stripping!
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    Is the smoke blue? is your rad cap gunked up with white jelly?
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    The smokes not blue as far as I can see. Its grey and black and there is no gunk near the radiator cap. I will see if I can get done a comp and leak test.

    Also, do any of you more knowledgeable beings know whether swapping the H22A7 into this shape accord is a straight swap or not??

    Thanks for your help guys.
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    H22A swap guide

    i hope all your questions will be answered. If not try to ask. Iam going to swap to F20B into my euro 5G accord so i already googled some informations about that :Smile: