General Extended Warranty is it worth it?

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    Hello guys,
    My honda CR-V is now 3 years old and I' m considering to buy the extended warranty.
    Do you think it worth it or it's just waste of money?
    Thank you in advance
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    The devil is in the small print. It's amazing how many things seem to be excluded from extended warranties. Read carefully!
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    Bit late with this but:

    I bought the 4 year servicing deal when I bought my car at 1 year old in January 2017. I was a couple of months late getting the 1st service done in 2018 and, when I booked on the next anniversary of my purchase, to get things back on track, the dealer told me that Honda wouldn’t authorise the service until 12 months following the previous one. They also told me that my deal ends January 2021, so my 4th service will not be allowed within the deal.

    I was sold it on the basis it included 4 services, but the detail is obviously in it being a 4 year deal so I feel like I’ve been conned out of one service.... which actually defeats any saving there might have been.

    As a consequence of this “not so small print” thing, I decided not to buy the extended warranty which I was planning to, as I felt that, if Honda could have me over on the 4 year servicing deal, they would do the same with their extended warranty. I probably won’t even buy a Honda again because if this.

    I could agree that they probably haven’t had me over, but a small amount of goodwill would have cost them almost nothing, and the lack of it has probably cost them a customer in the future.
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    I have only bought an extended warranty once in my life. Now I don't bother for my 7 year old Honda.
    If you want peace of mind to cover the possible large expenses then go ahead, or you could just put some money aside every month just in case you need it.
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    If it's got a DPF or a DMF, I would.