Exhaust Comparison.

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    Right im in a bit of a situation here. Im looking for a good 2.5" System for my delsol. I can't find a 2.5" exhaust for it anywhere, so im wanting to put an EG or EK one on. Anyone on here got an EG exhaust on their sol? I've been told that it hits somewhere but i have an EG 2.25 exhuast on mine now with a tiny decat and its ok. But i need to know the difference in the three. So ideally im looking for pictures of delsol, EG and EK cat backs laid out. Anyone help or tell me the difference? Thanks.
  2. Kadir Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    I think it might possibly work out simpler and better if you were to have a custom exhaust system made up..

    Drop import trung a PM as he can arrange for a good quality exhaust system to be fabricated to your specifications.. Or get in touch with Hayward and Scott.. Both of these are not far from the London area..
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    Only place that does exhaust around rotherham and sheffield is exhaust uk and there just toss. :Frown:
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    I had a Spoon N1 backbox for an EK9 on mine with a custom powerflow mid section. I understand the Spoon B pipe won't fit on the sol due to the bends around the fuel tank.
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    You'll find that most JDM systems have piping sizes of 60mm diametre which is only a couple mm off 2.5"

    If you want true 2.5" then you will wanna go custom, either at I-tuned (Watton Norfolk) or as mentioned by Kadir = www.solid-fabrications.co.uk
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    there are a few powerflow garages around Sheffield, some people rate them, i don't. I haven't had a exhaust done by euk for a while but my previous one was good, and lasted, other exhaust i know done there have been ok too. Euk trumps powerflow everytime. But i would go for a delsol specific exhaust over a custom everytime.
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    Im so peed off. I've looked at loads of EG and Del Sol systems and they look the same. Is it the kink that goes around the fuel tank? Surely i can space an EG exhaust so it won't knock. Just don't get it as i have a EG exhaust on mine now and its ok lol.
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    one last place that do exhausts around south yorkshire. Racetech. And they are a trader on here. Pm ricky and see what he can do for ya.
  9. Shandow Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Metal thickness is measures o.d.
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    Im not bothered about outside or inside thickness just want an exhaust that fits lol.
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    fitment is one thing. correct sizing for your application is another.

    you don't want an exhaust that is too big or small for your needs.
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    Yes i know that i need a 2.5" exhaust though. I just want to know if EG one will go on....
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    i think what he wants to know is can you fit an EG exhaust to a Del Sol?