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    If I had to give a company a poor rating, it would be these cowboys.

    I took out breakdown cover with them back in March/April time. I rarely have to use cover because my cars are normally in good condition.

    After the drunk driver hit my car, they refused to pick it up and take me home. Costing me £60 to sort it out myself.

    I then attempt to contact them to change the cover to the new car, they make it all but impossible to contact them swiftly... with only a webform available. I've filled that out several times with no response. So Yesterday I decided to call them out on twitter. Seems that's the only way to get a response... to publicly shame companies these days. I get a response within the hour. But the guy I am dealing with is really condescending and makes it very hard to get a straight answer to any question. Seems all he can do is repeat the line 'you agreed to this and this when you clicked agree to the T & C'

    Now let's be real here... how many people read every single line of anything like that and how many can retain full knowledge of every single minor detail contained within it after 6 months... Wanna have a guess... aside from perhaps a person with a full eidetic memory (what some would call a photographic memory)... I'm gonna go with zero.

    What should have been a simple process, transfer the policy to another car... is still not resolved because this condescending fool called Jeremy is either incapable of answering a simple question with a simple answer instead of parroting the same response over and over... or is deliberately doing it to wind me up after I publicly shamed the company for it's failure to respond... In his words.. they have no record of any other attempt to contact them. So either he's lying or their systems to submit the webform doesn't work properly... Because it kept throwing up recaptcha issues demanding one be filled in that wasn't present on the page.

    After calling him out on the delaying tactics and his refusal to answer simple questions with a simple answer... For example.. he makes no mention of a transfer fee... just that he's attempted to take a payment from my card on file that's been declined. When I query why he's attempting to take a payment without my knowledge or consent... He simply parrots 'you agreed to it in the T & C'... So I ask how much this is... he parrots 'you agreed to it in the T & C'.

    What could have been accomplished in one or 2 emails back and forth... went on for about a dozen. because I have to keep asking him for information he's failing to supply and all he does is expect me to scour through all of my emails to find the one tiny line of information he has vaguely mentioned... when he has that info to hand immediately and it would take 5 seconds to type it down.

    That's deliberate obstructive, or simply incompetence... I honestly don't know which.

    So I had reached the point where I was about to demand a refund and/or contact my bank to do a chargeback.. When they agreed to do the same.

    I won't ever be using them again... anything they can twist to get out of supplying the service you pay for and them making it hard to do something simple like change the policy to a new car.

    I used to have my breakdown cover with AXA for 3yrs on my old Tourer... They were great, no problems, no quibbles when I got run of the road and ripped a hole in the sidewall of the tyre... twice within 3 months. Eversure... would have classed that as an accident and refused to assist. Would have left a disabled person (because I'm classed as one these days) at the side of the road.

    So avoid them, I refuse to deal with companies who treat customers like they're a problem if they try to use the service they've paid for.

    and if you ever have issues with any company, call them out publicly on twitter or whatever social media platform you use if they're on it. Seems that's the only way to get a response from them these days.
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