General EU/UK KB1 vs JDM DBK-KB1

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    Hello. I am new to this forum. Mostly been a lurker so far.
    I have a question about the accessories for the EU/UK and JDM KB1-s.

    I managed to find a salvage yard that has 3 JDM KB1-s in. They were bought form japan and shipped here. One of them even has the night vision option on it. Think that is a rare accessory. Have not asked for the price but what i saw on the 3 vehicles started me thinking did the JDM have more premium accessory package then the rest of the world ?

    For example i don't know about you guys but the Nav displays look way better (resolution). On ours you could see the pixles but on the JDM it looked way smoother.
    Sat nav in the back did not have a DVD drive. It did have the box like the EU one but it had HDD text on it with a small slot and a PC card or express slot with a card in it with text "premium club". no idea on what it does
    One bad thing was i was not able to change language on the nav nor the cluster. Tried the reset but no language promt just japanese. Funny is that opening the door you get "welcome" text on the cluster and "goodbye" when turning the engine off but no other language option.
    As i was salvaging for parts (i was removing the power trunk parts for my car i noticed that the JDM also has a. hmm might be a equilizer of some sort ? a controller next to the trunk motor with fiber optics that ran to the front.
    All of the cars also had a keycard ignition but could not work out how it locks the car. I know it has 4-5 antennas (proxy sensors might call them) but the cards did not have any buttons on them.

    Also all the cars had a SIM card reader with text "Honda Access" in the armrest + a weird plug (not a USB) next to the 12v plug.

    So my question anyone here knows what dif. do the JDM and EU/UK cars have ?
    Better audio ? suspension ? etc?

    The side mirrors are narrower on the JDM car for fact. I bought them thinking i would swap the mirrors out on my KB1. Now need to get them painter to mach my car but damn they look nicer. Also the cars were 2006 , 2006 and 2007. The mirrors i bought off of the 07 car had 04 year stamp on them.

    Trunk lid however was steel and not aluminum like on the EU/UK car.

    Any information would be good :Smile: also should i try and buy the nav unit ? or maybe try and get something else ?
    Am at the moment installing the power trunk and trying to figure out how to install the pinch sensors.