Service & Maintenance Error Codes

Discussion in '4th Generation (1992-1996)' started by RogerH69, Friday 25th Dec, 2015.

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    My lude's ABS light is on (Nick says it only came on recently), so I wanna read the error code. I've got info on how to read it, so will write up a quick how-to for the 4th Generation Prelude. What I was wondering is where I could find a list of what the error codes meant ?

    Also, I heard I can reset the ECU (and clear the code) by temporarily removing the 10A fuse for the stereo. Is this correct? Also, do I need to remove the fuse while I have the wire jumpered into the blue plug (dunno what it's called), or after I remove the wire ?
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    Actually - I just found exactly what I need, as PreludePower,com