ICE & HFT EP2-EP3 Useful Audio Information

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    OEM Tweeter Mounts Part Numbers



    Autoleads Honda-ISO Adaptor Part Number

    PC2-68-4: Listed as:Honda Accord 09/98>, All UK 99> ISO lead

    This is required for ALL installations unless there is already an aftermarket unit fitted.

    Autoleads Honda Civic EP2-EP3 Facia Adaptor Part Number

    FP-15-03-s : Silver Version

    FP-15-03 : Black Version

    Autoleads Din-ISO Antenna Adaptor Part Number

    PC5-28: This is needed for Alpine head unit installations. Kenwood, Sony, JVC, Pioneer etc generally don't need this but it may change on the newer models so its best to check.

    Speaker Sizes:

    16.5cm 17cm and 6inch speakers will fit in both front and rear locations.

    Rear locations will accept nearly all speaker sizes without serious modifications.

    Front doors have a hole behind the original speakers which might need to be enlarged to accommodate the larger magnets on some aftermarket speakers. Max depth is around 80mm with an 18mm spacer.

    Speaker Wire Colours and Polarity.

    Front Left:

    (+) Green/Black

    (-) Light Green

    Front Right:

    (+) Green/Yellow

    (-) Grey/Red

    Rear Left:

    (+) Blue/White

    (-) Blue/Black

    Rear Right:

    (+) Pink

    (-) Blue Yellow
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    Very useful post, needs to be stickied me thinks :Smile:

    Vauxhall Vectra speaker adapters are also the perfect fitment required to fit deeper front speakers. Not sure if any holes need drilling though, not changed mine yet!
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    quick question, whats size is the original size, because i just wnt to do a straight swop without do any modifications ?
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    I just got a quick question to anyone who has an Alpine headunit as i'm about to install my Alpine headunit in my Civic.

    Was a PC5-28 needed? Do you have to have one?
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    Awesome post, that will be very helpful!

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    This was very helpfull lol finally got radio on my car only 4 months later than planned
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    I had to have one fitted for my Apline 105-R1. Another EP3 was fitted with an Apline 9887 which also need one too so more than likely i would think you may need one its cheap and easy to fit mate.
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