Fuel Efficiency Engine Stop/Start Question (possible fault?)

Discussion in '4th Generation (2013-2017)' started by shm_crv, Friday 1st Mar, 2019.

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    Hi all,

    After some advice/guidance regarding my 2013 CR-V (2.0 petrol 'S' model).

    I believe it has engine stop start technology, however I am getting the dashboard icon indicating auto stop start is not functioning due to A/C .. which occurs with the A/C off and the climate control set at 19 degrees.

    If I then turn the fan right down to its lowest setting, the dash icon tells me auto stop start is not functioning due to low battery charge.

    Is there a known fault with these systems?
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    Hello @shm_crv
    Please add your car to the Club Garage, as this will help us help you.
    On most cars auto stop start technology stop working during winter time as the car needs a higher cranking amp.
    Your car is from 2013 and i'm assuming it still has the original battery, ideally you need to check the status of your battery. Weak battery or a battery that doesn't hold charge will prevent the stop start from working. Short distance driving also isn't always sufficient to fully charge the batter. Engine requires a fair bit of amps when cranking, which could be the cause of your system not working.
    Its just a thought, but your battery is 6 years old.
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    Fully agree. The days of batteries lasting 10-15 years are a thing of the past. Modern cars are extremely sensitive to voltage drop given all their electronics. 5-6 years is all you can expect these days and whilst they might turn the engine over the voltage drop tends to throw up all sorts of apparently unconnected issues. Start stop systems are particularly susceptible to poor battery condition. A good 1st check would be to do a proper resting voltage test on the battery, preferably by a good automotive electrician.