Engine & Gearbox ? Engine needed, help ! :( Edix 1.7 Auto

Discussion in '1st Generation (2004-2011)' started by CharlieR, Thursday 7th Feb, 2019.

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    Look for a D17A replacement engine then @CharlieR
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    Dear all, I may have found a D17A engine, just waiting to hear back.

    I hope the following helps anyone who comes to this thread at a later date as well too.

    In broad terms the costs seem to be

    Engine £260 (plus VAT - the engine isn't from England and whilst it's for less than I've seen online elsewhere...
    Delivery £133 (plus VAT - ...the delivery cost is higher than usual, so the overall costs is similar)
    @£470 total

    I've been told that replacing the engine requires the subframe to be dropped. It's been suggested that it would be sensible to sort the clutch at the same time, as the subframe needs to be dropped for that too.

    Labour cost £650
    £750 if doing the clutch too, I've not checked the clutch price yet

    Cost of ancillaries tbc

    I can see that I will not get much change out of £1,500/2,000?

    The engine number for a 2004 Edix is D17A, although I see on an US forum that a D17A2 (the later VTech version?) might fit. I don't want to risk that at the moment, but will bear it in mind for the future.

    I've had to buy another car since, however, it's essential for my work - but it seems a shame to scrap my Honda.

    The scrap prices so far is £125? for it to be collected. It doesn't drive, of course, and I'm told can't be towed due to it being an automatic gearbox. It was in otherwise good order, looked smart inside and out, has alloy wheels that were different from the usual, and was the only decent, comfortable six seater I could find at the time.

    I'm loathe to sell it on as it is, but might have to do so.

    I have no garage, a sloping drive, and so wouldn't be able to take it on as a project for myself. I've taught myself other DIY skills, resulting in fitting decent bathrooms, kitchens, plastering and other work - but never car mechanics.

    If I had the space I'd love to have a go at this!

    Thoughts? Any takers?

    Thanks for all the help so far too, it really has been appreciated.
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    and as @SpeedyGee pointed out earlier it's worth having a fresh timing belt and tensioner put on the replacement engine.
  3. Matt at H-Tune Service Team H-Tune Staff

    Oh wow, that's a shame to see. I've blown up a couple of D16s, but purely through pizza delivery and other general abuse in my early days of MB4 ownership (hence why it has a B18 now :Laughing:)

    My best advice would be sell it as "spares or repairs" on pages such as our Honda Parts & Cars For Sale (UK/EU) - https://www.facebook.com/groups/UKHondaCarParts

    Sorry to see it go, but I know the feeling of needing a car to get to work and not simply being able to throw money at the other to get the engine done. I do find it somewhat odd that the subframe has to be dropped, but I'm a little unfamiliar with the Edix engine bay. I pulled out two D16s from the top with the gearbox without any real issue.

    Feel free to drop us a message here at H-Tune if we can help with any parts you may need,

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    Oh damn that's a hefty cost estimate!

    I'm not convinced that the engine needs to dropped with subframe, looking at our Edix, I would have that the K20A in this could come out the top with ease. This would make the job so much easier.
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