Engine flush or not?

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    Searched around on this topic from google, but i haven't really gotten a definite answer or it doesn't have one at all lol. With the b series being over a decade old, have any of you guys done this to yours and whether or not it's really worth the effort? I change my oil every 4k miles and check the dip stick every so often... What worries me is the fact it turns black almost immediately after a long drive. <br />I know it's a different opinionated topic so just want people's advice and flames
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    From my understanding it will clean it out but in the process it could block your oil pump up due to the old shit being flushed through
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    I'd say no , but if you research into them and don't stick any old one in maybe , I service my k swap every couple months and oil comes out uber clean
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    i wouldn't bother, especially with it being an old engine and probably never had a flush before in its life, it'll probably kill the engine!
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    I was told by someone who knows their mechanics that it will do more harm than good, one you are revving it for a good 5 or something minutes and that it can wear certain internal parts out.
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    ^ engine flushes are put in and are left to idle for 15mins ... Not ment to rev them at all
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    It can lead to clogged oil galleries in the block, you'd be better off flushing oil of the same grade/weight through if that's what you want to do. Not to mention the fact that there are certain parts/bearing surfaces within the engine where you wouldn't want oil cleared from.
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    Hmm... I guess that makes sense, captain_slow. Indefinite answer would be not to use engine flush then. Was thinking of using some cheap ass asda oil to do it as well!
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    wat like wyns engine flush, i did it once on a honda legend with 150k and it never did it any harm but no way would i put any cheap flush crap in my k20 incase it did any damage, i think the wyns stuff is like a thinner for engine oil, cleans engine out well but prob not good for the moving parts