Endless Garage stress

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    Never ending Garage stress

    Sup everyone here @ civlfe i brought my car off my mate about a month ago off a mate Civic eg4 no tax MOT as it hasent been drive for 10months +, so i put it in the garage last friday to get it MOT'd and get new high torque clutch fitted and left CV boot/ gator they told me i will get my car back on monday.

    Monday comes get a phone call saying my cars failed on 14things it needs new seatbelts new exhaust bla bla bla all when i was in uni so that p!5sed me off so i left eariler to go to the garage it was a diffrent story...

    The seatbelt attachment fastner on the drivers side of the car was supposedly not there so i walked out to my car and it was pushed down so i pulled it back up and the whenker at the garage laughed saying oh hahaa silly him more like W/NKER who done the MOT's fault

    #2 we went into his office and im sure i see my clutch just chilling on his table like it was some tea mat,,, anyways we went through all the crap it failed on and there all minors headlights rear lights window wipers just bait stuff then he said it failed emmisions so advised i get new spark plugs put injector cleaner in it and go raging my car about "i don't think so im not no skatty chav in a bait ass 1.2L with some 12" exhaust" so my dad said leave it to him bla bla bla.

    Next thing he noticed my new shocks tenzo r's he then said in every wheel arch i need welding to seal something so we was like kool we'll leave it to you and then he mentions my jap plate at the front "my mates all have them legitimate MOT's they all pass why he dosent want to let me off I don't know" so more money there for a numberplate just to pass a f/king MOT as i aint keeping no biig ass plate lol

    he then said he'll call us next day nothing happend so i called him & told him that my mate who i got the car off of passed with jap plates he was eager to go.... Then i said oh before you go will it be ok to take home my old clutch and CV thingy home with me he was like errrrrrrr ermm... err i might not have that here "WTF why not? i was thinking" have you just greased up my clutch and not fitted anything?? but im making sure i have all that before he gets a penny from me. he then said he's spent an hour on it doing the lights & he'll call back tommrow nothing happend..

    Next day now my dad calls up today and he calls back and hour later after not anwsering the phone saying ohh yeah all the eletrics on the car's fucked the headlights arnt matching headlights on the car bla bla bla and he hasent done FA to it today as another cars been on the ramp but tommrow thats comming off the ramp in the noon then hes gonna work on welding my car.

    "welding i really don't seem what needs welding but oh well im going with mates jacking that car up and seeing everything he's done to make sure its all legit what do you guys advise as so far for the clutch/ CV/ and MOT it's costing me
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    what did the car cost u man?
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    Oh it was off my freind for dirt cheap :Tongue: and i knew what i was getting myself into but wasent expecting no welding beeing done seen as it was sitting in one place for 10months + maybe on a driveway in a private area, what could have gone wrong :Tongue:lot:
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    it could have been rotten the whole time mate

    your thread has confused me slightly

    what has the garage actually done

    what did you ask them to do

    what are they charging you?

    whats it failed on?
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    I've got them to fit my new high torque clutch, my left CV boot, and MOT my car it failed on headlights brake lights window wiper a misssing split pit on the front right suspension some weldings ment to be done in all arches dunno what its for tho all i know is its sealing somthing he said and failed on the emmissions but all he's done so far as he said is fit the clutch. CV boot & supposedly done the lights and the clutch CV fitment & MOT came to
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    without seeing the problem no one will have an idea tbh.
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    erm - thought of asking the garage for an estimate on cost?

    dude i wouldn't have used someone you obviously don't trust to do all that work though!
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    would of took it out tht garage and went to another mate there just trying to make alot of money out of you!!! hope u sort it out :Smile:
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    yeah tell him to stop and get it out of there if you can. sounds dodgy!
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    sounds like a cowboy to me mate!

    yeee fuckin haaaaarrr
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    Loool thanks for the comments and advice guys he called me dad today after he called him he was ment to give a price but he didnt all he said was he knows im a student he's not going to rip me off bla bla bla and he will give a price tommrow.

    I went undercover eairler after seeing a mate and was peeping over from where i was standing in the train station and i think i saw my car jacked up at the back & another thing there is "NO" ramp at this garage just a pit so that welding shits just a load of billhooks he aint getting a penny till i see everything and recive all my old parts how dose this sound guys?

    He also said to my dad that he's going to get it through the MOT and he spoke to the MOT man and the MOT man said he's going to let me off of the emmsions WTF let me off of that but not my jap plate what a twatface
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    My dad phoned me eairler and the total cost for everything now inc making the car pass the MOT and clutch fitting and fixure of the failures and the price is
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    man i would of got out of there at the first sight of trouble. thats why I would never take me car to a garage that i don't know anyone there. i would always take my car to my dads work or somewhere recommended by a friend.
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    Right i got the car now theres a mega diffrence in the clutch {lower biting point & no noise} the car dosent go to one side anymore & i see the work he done on the cars arches there just rubber seals by the looks of it but not to sure about it need to wait for mates to pop down and look for themselves.

    As soon as i asked about the old parts he already had them siting in the car waiting for me and he also fitted the lower tie bar for me also :Grin: i geuss im not gonna be going there agian but still.. everyone learns some way hey.