EM1 coupe. shall I get ITR cams or ECU remap?

Discussion in '6th Generation (1996-2000)' started by d7nmr, Tuesday 24th Nov, 2009.

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    I want to make my b16a2 cammed. Im thinking to get it cammed with Integra Type-R DC2 camms.

    also I've heard that if i get it remapped it wud be ruffly the same. then again someone told me that i could put a b18c4 or even a S2000 ECU instead of getting mine remapped and just swap it with the S2000 or b18c4 ECU. im not sure if this will work so am asking you guys to see what you say.

    which will give me more power. its running about 170BHP atm.

    i have a budget of
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    Which translates as:

    "Whoever told you that is such an idiot that their idiotness made me, quite literally, laugh out loud. I say they are an idiot, because an S2000 ECU manages a J20. A B18 ECU manages a B18. To manage your B16, you need a B16 ECU, which you already have."

    I agree.

    To get the most out of cams a remap would be best anyway, but I don't think a map will do much with just breather mods. So both.
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    as said above, getting new cams and not mapping ti would be the biggest waste of your time
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    major fail, try F20C dude, don't mock others if you can't it right yourself.

    As for the orginal post, my suggestion would be that if you are planning on any major upgrades, then the ECU would be my first port of call before anything else, get yourself a P28 ECU (from an EG6) an OB2B to ODB1 conversion harness, then get it chipped with either hondata or chrome, this way it can be mapped for any future mods you intend, only problem is, your budget won't stretch to this, so id suggest saving up a bit more and doing it first :Smile:

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    name and shame whoever told you to fit a S2000 ECU.

    just fitting the cams will give you an improvement but you will DEF be much better off with a re-map as well
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    al9955 just went full time on that guy hahahaha
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    so how much more BHP will i get with just the cams because the ECU will have to come later as i save up for this :Tongue:
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    TBh you will not realise hardly any potential without the ECU upgrade, no saying it would be a complete waste of time, but i think without the ECU upgrade you won't make much more than a few HP

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    Is it just me or would EK9 cams and an EK9 ECU be of any benefit? :Tongue:lot: ..
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    Oh, my bad :Blushing:

    Although I was mocking the guy who told him that, not d7nmr himself. Apologies if it came across that way. As a side, turns out later USDM and JDM models were fitted with a J22C1.

    I've read that B16b cams are similar to Skunk2 cams (or S2 copied the B16b's) and do give an improvement, but that's only what I've heard.