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Discussion in 'Imports & Worldwide' started by alanh, Monday 21st Aug, 2017.

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    Hi have just brought a Japanese Elysion into New Zealand dose any one know how to change the language settings not worried about the nav sat ( i know my way around and have I phone if I need it ) but it would be nice to be able to use all the other stuff. also a link to down load a owners manual . if any one could help it would be much appreciated. Cheers.
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    hi Alan,
    I'm in Auckland since late July and also got Elysion from Japan 2 weeks ago. As with yours, my sat-nav is all in JPN. I've called few places, but the only proper response I got was @1600 NZD. This is for replacement of the whole sat-nav unit including connecting it to your controls on the steering wheel. PM me so will send you details of the guy. HIs website looks professional and he's got a lot of positive feedback from clients, so I think he is legit; however I have only delt with him over the phone.
    This price range is too much for me, so will buy a Garmin device or just use an iphone GPS for now.

    As for the manual I see there are 2-3 versions on this website, but cannot download them. Might be something with me being new to this forum (signed up today).

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    Hi M thanks for dropping me a line . Have spent about 20 hours on line over the last 2 weeks , joined 4 different Honda clubs in 4 different country's and from what I can gather it's a hard ware thing not a simple software down load deal so your right it's a pull it apart add a new one . As for the manual my computer won't let me down load of any of the sites that have them for free to many viruses it tells me. So I think my best bet would be to sell the wagon or start dating a Japanese chick. I like the wagon big time so i might join tinder HaHa. Welcome
    to Auckland Dude and thanks for any help . If I do have any luck with manual EG will let ya no . Cheer's Alan.