General Elysion 2005 dashboard disassembly.

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    Hi new to the forums, so perhaps this question has been answered already.
    I have trawled the internet for at least ten hours looking for any information in regards to getting the dash removed, but it seems the Elysion is not common, and I can find nothing in the way of manuals, how to guides even pictures of parts are rare.
    Have any of the Elysion owners ever removed their nav systems, and if so could you please enlighten me as to how to get dash out?
    My Elysion has been retrofitted with an aftermarket nav system by the used car dealer but it of course failed after the three month warranty period.
    I have started at the bottom, and have the glovebox, cd player, and kick panels out, can't figure out how to remove the control panel that houses the gearlever.
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    Here are the photos. DSC_1448. DSC_1448. DSC_1449. DSC_1450. DSC_1451. DSC_1448. DSC_1449. DSC_1450. DSC_1451.
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    What's behind the cover at the top right of the gear lever?
    Take that off and you should be able to remove the gearstick panel and then the main panel itself.

    Use trim removal tools or you could damage the plastic.
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    Awesome, Thanks guys, will check back later for the pics once the forum is able to show them.
    Behind the cover at the top right of gearstick is a button to allow shifting gear with the ignition off. No screws.
    It seems just clips hold it all together, however I can see screws attaching the stereo control panel to the fake wood panel above it...
    Found these pics on the net, seems to confirm screw at back.
    elysion dash 2. elysion dash.
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    Hi is you still strangel to remove I can help. .
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    If you have that joystick I would love to buy it from you .