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Discussion in '4th Generation (2013-2017)' started by wust588, Saturday 7th Sep, 2019.

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    England John Williams Walsall
    I have a late 2015 1.6 dtec and have had it a week so far, and all good.
    Today I decided to reset the door opening function from drivers door only to all doors open.
    After a lot of button pressing (very complicated to me) managed to set to open all the doors.
    BUT, there is now a constant CTBA warning coming up, and I can't open or close windows, start
    the engine, turn on the radio. Probable other things too....
    Where have I gone wrong? All the warning lights come up.
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    Sounds like you've reset a lot of things. Have you a manual? It should tell you how to reset all to default.
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    England John Williams Walsall
    Panic over!!!!
    Because the car is covered under the warranty via the AA, called them. Transpires that it was a flat battery.
    Apparently after charging, a replacement battery wouldn't be needed.
    Next time I change anything, I'll have the engine running, even though the handbook doesn't suggest it.
    Thanks everybody.
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    I've said it before on here, modern cars with all their reliance on electronics are very, very, susceptible to the slightest voltage drop from the battery and then throw up all sorts of apparently unconnected faults. The days of batteries lasting 10-15 years are long gone and the most one can expect from a battery these days is circa 5 years.