Sold Electric GT Aggressor Mountain Bike

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    Items for sale: GT Aggressor 30mph motor driven

    Condition: good- see at end

    Location: Central Birmingham

    Description: see at end

    Price: £800 collected or very nearest offer.








    Available up for grabs is this rather unique Aggressor GT Mountain Bike, which has been fitted with a MAC 1000 watt motor system. So you can either ride it the usual way or use the motor which will take you to 30 mph extremely quick off the mark! And if you pedal as well as engaging the motor then you can travel at faster than 30 mph with relative ease. 

    What you will receive in this sale:

    1. GT Aggressor Mountain Bike
    2. MAC 1000watt hub motor kit
    3. swap specific Mavic XM317 26" rear rim
    4. shimano XT 203mm disc rotor
    5. 8 speed cogs fr chain
    6. 48v 20amp LiFep04 battery unit
    7. 48v charger UK 3 pin plug
    8. hand control I.e thumb throttle, E-brake lever (cut-off switch) etc.
    9. extras: mudguards, speedo computer, tyre air pump, front headlamps...
    10. hydraulic brakes


    The battery is contained in a fiberglass or resin like cast to protect it from damage. After all, these bikes are supposed to be for off-road use and this method is commonly employed with those who have done this conversion. 

    One full charge will give you 16 miles (proven) or more without any pedalling. It even went just over 31 mph whilst going downhill and without pedals.

    The only thing that I'd like to point out is that one of the wires going to the battery is loose and requires soldering into place. This is an easy fix and something that hasn't bothered me or anyone else. The wire is simply connected up upon every charge. It really is that trivial...

    WARNING: These bikes are designed for off road use and I personally recommend it for experienced riders. If you are learning to ride a bike then this is not for you yet :Smile:  

    I've received offers of £700 and declined because I would like more than that. Please, no low-balling.

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