Civic/6th Gen EK9.

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    This is my brothers car, but he isn't a member here and someone a few weeks back said to put some pics up of it, so thought id do a thread in here.

    Ok, so the story goes like this.

    He started out with a few various cars as we all do, then eventually saved up and got a DC2. it then went under a lot of work, and it was an animal, a lot of custom stuff made personally for his spec and engine and it had thousands spent. here is the only pic I could find on my phone of it, this was towards the end of the build. 


    Then that went and he bought himself a 350z. I knew after about a week he hated it, everything about it he didn't like, it wasn't a honda, it wasn't as fun, and although it looked nice and was much better to pull up outside a pub or club in for the girls, he really just didn't get it. so as soon as there was a sniff of a rumor that redundences were being made at his work, he got home and sold it lol. about a week later he went and bought an EK9 for about 3k less than the 350z.

    Anyway, he had it for about a week and then put a B18c6 engine in it. ran it around for about a year and decided he wanted a house more than a car, so was going to put it back to standard and sell it and the ITR engine seporate, to make some money up. anyway, he got half way through putting the 1.6 back in and he lost interest, He had deposit money, the car didnt have to go, so it sat on my mum and dads garden for 2 1/2 years, and this happend to it.



    So about 2 months ago, he decided he wanted it back on the road.

    The B18c6 went back in, JDM ECU, some cams from America, not sure what they are, and a full decat system, janspeed manifold and buddy club manifold back. The exhaust is stupidly loud and the police use to come over a lot from complaints, I think this next picture explains maybe why lol


    So, all getting put back together


    He found that with it sitting around for so long, a lot of stuff had rotten, being a fabricator, he took all the control arms, took them to work, cut out the rust, welded new bits in and had them painted up. new bushes fitted and then after pleading poverty to me, these turned up in the post.


    a couple of days later, some Meister r coilovers also came for it but I missed them for pics before he put them on.

    He then got it up and running, and got it on a trailer where he and a guy he works with, ex body repair/painter guy stripped it all down and took it right back for a fresh paint job.



    IMG_20130603_132522. IMG_20130603_132545.

    And here are the pics I got sent earlier. Needs new windscreen as it has a crack in it and then MOT time. probably next weekend it will be on the road.




    A lot of cutting out of old rust and stuff was done, and things that no one would ever see or could see behind and under things were done, this really is going to be back to show room condition. not just a car that is polished nice and claimed to be.

    The most frustrating thing about it is, this car is great, it went really well from what I remember and now it's going to be even more improved and look amazing, but he is just so..... meh, it's done when its done type attitude. annoys the s**t out of me lol
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    United Kingdom kyron Wolverhampton
    gotta love fresh paint 

    was the window left open for that mold to happen

    I remember when the same thing happened to Turkish's EK
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    I think the door was left open a little. either way it was a mess inside. not sure if it's any better now tbh lol.. so much has gone into the bodywork ECT
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    sick good work dude
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    Nice work mate, good to see it going back on the road

  7. JKK Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆


    Shame what happened to the interior.

    I'm searching for one of them non airbag wheels...

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    Paintwork makes it look like its about ready to roll out the Honda showroom for its new owner to pick it up lol. 
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    Shame about the interior dude that nearly happend to my car over winter I slapped some dehumidifier boxes in mine it done the trick anyway, the car looks amazing though especially being all OEM outside :Smile:
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    Good job on getting it back up to such a high standard !

    Is it an n1 model ?
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    Looks a proper finish on the paint job
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    Ill have to ask him. Nor sure on the version but I know its light weight one with no air bag, ABS, lighter windows

    It did have air con but that's now gone.

    He was pissed he couldn't find another EK9 window like his now he has to change it. Thats all I know about that.
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    All EK9's came with the lighter glass.

    Surely he could of got a windscreen from a EK9 breaker.
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    Looks really nice and fresh. Great work mate. :thumbs:
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    Like I said, no idea. Id have to ask him. Thats all I know. If they all came like that then so be it.
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    Looks like a race base one going by the lightweight bumper bar.
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    Nah, they all have that bar!

    Race base ones were EK9 shells with essentially ej9 interior (grey) and steel wheels.

    N1 (road going ones) had wind up windows and no extras like ABS, airbags etc but black interior.

    RX was the high end model with everything in
  18. dhdavectr Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    No they don't, only the lightweight models have the slimmer impact bar.