EK9 ecu for EK4

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    What Is difference between EK9 ECU and EK4 ECU?

    If u fit EK9 ECU in EK4 will there be any power gains or u have to change cams, exhaust manifold, exhaust system, air intake. :Messed:
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    If you put an EK9 ECU in and EK4, you'd need to put the EK9 engine in it first to see any gains.
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    Worded perfectly :Wink:
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    for a gain your better off getting a socketed ECU then have your engine tuned on one of the various softwares available, the EK9 ECU is set for that engine, so youd need to tune yours to get the most out of it
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    Right. What options are available when it comes to ECU tuning on ek4?

    Hondata S200? Is this system good?
  6. Gunter Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    crome-pro seems good you could pm daz81 about that, its fine for tuning his highly tuned b20 drag car so would be fine for yours too. If your going to get a hondata then the s300 is the one to go for, its only $595 and a good tuner will be able to extract every ounce of power available while making the car driveable and reliable

    edit: From Tdi North website, where im getting mine from

    Hondata S300 re-mappable system
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