Engine & Gearbox Ek4 b16a2 head vs ek9 b16b head

Discussion in 'Honda B-Series' started by EK4-JDM, Wednesday 11th Nov, 2009.

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    Is there a difference between b16a2 head and b16b head? Are they same parts or b16b is modified from factory? What about valves are they different between 2 heads? I know springs and maybe retainers are different on b16b head, uprated compare to b16a2 heads.

    I am thinking of buying b16a2 head change the cams to EK9 cams , change the springs and retainers but can I keep standard valves?

    Thanks in advance
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    honestly. pleaase have a search, not just on here. google would tell you that in 3 results
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    Good bit of info there, thanks