Civic/5th Gen EJ2 Coupe

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    well i purchased this car for 800 quid in quite a poor state, damaged bonnet, drivers die wing and door, badly fitted skirts that are damaged, it needs alot of work!!! but im up to the challenge. MY last car was a 420bhp single turbo rx7 that was all about speed, I've decided i need to calm down a bit and look at making sometihg that is more about looks and comfort, the Civic is never gonna keep up with the rx7 until i chuck silly money at it but i don't see the point and i don't have silly money lol.

    It has nearly new rota grids in 15" which i like but are too small, I've been looking at options but might just move up to 16".

    well heres ther car










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    so far i have changed the speedo over to another one, the fuel gauge was not working also got rid of the stupid blue things, managed to keep the white gauges thou. Will get pics up shortly.

    Also went and collected a door and bonnet frrom Poole at the weekend so need to get them fitted when it has a respray.

    The head unit was not working properly so i pulled it out yesterday to take a took, O MY GOD. whoever had it before decided to run new cables to the door speakers, and used odd bits of speaker cable daisy chained and connected via packaging tape, also loads of cut wires and other randomly connected so i need to work out what the hell is going on there. I have ordered a new head unit anyway and also a 12" sub and amp.

    I have decided on the splitter and skirts im gonna get and also the colour im gonna have it sprayed but thats top secret at mo. I am undecide against wheels really not sure what to get, might just get the same but bigger
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    good project there mate.! keep us posted with update's and picture's:Smile:

    cheers ryan
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    well I've done quite a bit in fixing up the car, I've got new panels to replace the damaged ones, I've also got some standard skirts fitted. Also got some mugenwing mirrors and different head lights fitted. Looks a bit poo at mo as bonnet door and wing are a different colour to the rest of the car.

    However i have a new project before i even finished this one. I had a rx7 before this Civic and i have missed it so much had to buy another, so this Civic project will be up for sale soon if anyone is interested.

    o also i had a new cat 1 alarm fitted costing me over
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    I've got a mate who's looking for an ej2 project, I'll let him know about this. Although I may have to have it myself, if only for those seats they're gorgeous!

    I can't blame you for wanting to go back to a Rex though.
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    we need pics maaaaaan sounds promosing though :Smile:
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    i really like that body kit for some reason
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    ^lol I was thinking the same thing, all except the front lip, which I believe is off a renault =/
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    update pics

    here you go guys, gave it a good clean today and took some pics, if anyone would like to make me a offer for it feel free







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    sweet coupe dude you also have pm
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    I want that interior.
  12. chrisejcoupe Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    well you can buy the whole car if you like :cool: