Engine & Gearbox EGR Delete & Remap

Discussion in 'Honda N-Series' started by Heckler, Saturday 23rd Mar, 2019.

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    Has anyone had this done before on the 2.2 CDTi, and if so what were the pro/con sides of it?

    I've read that it can increase performance and fuel efficiency... but there seems to be very little in the way of downsides that I have read about... So I'd like to get a decent for/against view of it.

    Cost wise, it's less than £200... so even if it gets me an extra 2-3mpg it will take quite a while to recoup the outlay... But I do plan on owning this car for at least another 3yrs; and I do plan on some extra mods on top of those already done.
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    I’ve now booked with Celtic. There busy guys,hopefully the homework I’ve done pays off.
  3. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    Let us know how you get on... be interested in what it costs and where they are.
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    There coming to my home in Hastings. That’s a massive trip from there Cornish address. £320 ish
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    It does not increase performance, as the EGR valve shuts at accelerator positions greater than 50% on the standard map anyway. However the remap probably will increase power in other ways (which often causes problems on the weak Honda clutches).

    The whole point of incorporating EGR into combustion engines is to control the production of mixed nitrous oxides (NOx), a local pollutant that is a serious lung irritant and causes problems for young children, old people and anyone suffering from problems such as asthma... NOx emissions are responsible for deaths, it's pretty anti-social to increase these emissions. Disabling the EGR flow on a diesel vehicle can increase NOx emissions by 20 - 30 times!

    It's illegal to drive a vehicle on UK roads that has had its emission control systems disabled (or even tampered with). Unfortunately the UK MOT has not yet brought in NOx monitoring, this is long overdue. Due to a loophole in the law, the cowboy remappers who remap and disable the EGR system are not actually breaking the law.
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    I’m having nothing deleted taken off or put on. Thanks for the information :Smile:
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    In which case it's a little confusing that you posted on a thread about EGR deletion!

    But apologies, I was actually replying to the question raised by @Heckler

    Enjoy the remap!
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    There is a lot of information available through Google. Removing the EGR isn't an automatic fail. Diesels are subject to a smoke test. A DPF removal is more of an issue.

    Couple of things I would add....
    1. If you are doing this, it's worth removing the inlet manifold and cleaning it out. Often these are caked in crap, sometimes to the point of being a restriction.
    2. Only 'remap' if you trust the person doing the work. Anyone can get a laptop, flashing software and a choice of a few maps. This does not mean they know what they are doing. If there are other issues (known/unknown) these can cause big problems.

    The upsides are great, more power, more torque, fuel economy, possibly moving the power band and a cleaner intake tract.

    The downsides are more smoke, more nasties coming out of your exhaust (potentially), warranty, higher stress on your engine/turbo/gearbox/drivetrain and changes to the MOT rules.
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    Sorry this thread had two headings. EGR delete & Remapping. I was answering on the remapping side of things. I feel there’s to much lag & would like to sort this issue.
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    Have now had the work (mapping) done. Not by Celtic as 1st mentioned. This was more through word of mouth. He (mapping guy) asked me exactly what I wanted in my case to get rid or at least minimise the turbo lag. Not interested in outright numbers just how the car feels. Left the car with him he gave it a health check 1st then set to work. When he delivered the car back I quickly took it for a drive & yes much better on the throttle exactly what I wanted. The guy told me there was more to be had if needed. Overall it just makes the car feel better hard to explain really (sporty) I would recommend the company he’s local to me in Hastings & under £300.