Engine & Gearbox eg9 b16a2 into ej2 coupe has anyone done one??? If so help please!!!

Discussion in 'Honda B-Series' started by Vinny@HondaTypeRBreakers, Wednesday 30th Dec, 2009.

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    Hi i have recently bought a b16a2 eg9 saloon and i took the engine out to put into my ej2 non VTEC coupe. Well i finished the swap yesterday and wired up the VTEC thanks to a few people and on the drive back home i noticed it bogged down and stuttered when setting off from traffic lights ( it would set off then near enough die) and the is no power there. But from looking at the eg9 and my coupe i noticed that the map sensor on the eg9 is bolted to the bulk head and runs into the interior and not to the throttle body where the wiring for the map sensor is attached to the engine loom.i blink tested it and is has come up with CEL code 3 and 7 which is a electrical fault with the map sensor and throttle position sensor but obviously there is no map sensor and the TP sensor seems fine with no breaks in the wiring or anything and the eg9drove 250 miles to get it home with no lights popping up so i dnt know what it could be so help please from those who have had similar problems please. cheers vinny
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    can you not fit the mapsensor from the bulkhead of th eg9 onto the bulkhead of your ej2, then extended the wires from you ej2. To the newly fitted map sensor. It will need one to run.
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    only just read your post smiley and yeah i did that and its all sorted now mate cheers anyways
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    glad its sorted dude. Enjoy ya bseries.