Eg6 uk vti problem.

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    Hey guys and gals.I've got a 1992 eg6 vti uk car and it has a serious problem with starting.I've read all the other pages and forums and tried and tested pretty much all the methods.the only mod it has done is a hondata intake manifold gasket.the car starts some times. switch ignition on, pump humms then stops, CEL light goes off then it starts.sometimes it runs for maybe 10 mins before CEL light comes back on and the engine cuts out.I've changed the main relay with one that defo works.I've changed the fuel pump.I've changed dizzy and all internals of dizzy.I've even changed back of the ignition switch.the car recently had a service ( plugs,leads,fuel filter,air filter and oil filter.)after the CEL light comes on the pump does not humm again until i have either disconnected the battery or removed the 7.5amp fuse for back up under the guessing there is no inertia switch under my dash as its a early done 125,000 miles.I've checked to see if any codes are stored but no flashes from the CEL light but the ABS light does flash and that gives me code 4 and 8 or it maybe code 12.thanks
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    how about crank sensor might be earthing/open circuit could cause intermitent fault?
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    do the ECU check, next time it the shows the CEL light and cuts out. Otherwise your just gonna be running around the engine bay replacing everything. Which will get very expensive
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    Or maybe take it to a good auto electrician. They may be a lot more efficient at finding the fault sooner rather than later!
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    you can check the CEL while the engines running so start the car up and get the CEL then check the code
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    we need you to pull that error code. You need to bridge the service check connector with a wire(green plug under the passenger side of the dash, near the ECU) and it should start flashing. The break down of the what the codes mean can be found in the EG Civic factory manual PDF or probably the Haynes book.

    You've already checked and cleared everything I would suggest to systematically test. You need an error code to work from next and it sounds to me like a sensor failure and the ECU is acting on this - resulting in the symptoms you are seeing. Pull that code though
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    shut the fuck up, i fixed everything in my engine from CEL codes, don't go giving an auto electrician millions of pounds to do the same thing and blag that it took him a day to find the fault..
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    is it correct that the heater relay situated in the fuse box in the engine bay is supposed to click when you turn the key to start also?

    because its clicking when i turn the key.

    also where abouts is the crankshaft sensor situated? i know on the crankshaft pulley but where abouts? front of the engine or back? as i don't see any wires going down that low.

    or is the wire hidden behind the timing belt cover?

    thanks again for your helps.

    really want it fixed as i really really really want to go to the taunten deane meet!
  9. PittStop Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    the CPS is in the distributor mate, have you done the CEL check yet?
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    still no CEL code.

    ok so its in the dizzy, wiked!

    I've also got a ek4 with a b16a2 in. will the cps off that dizzy fit mine as the dizzys are different ( only one plug on the obd2 ek4 dizzy and two on the eg6 obd1 dizzy.)
  11. PittStop Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    not you need an obd1 dizzy, get the CEL code! otherwise you may buy the new dizzy and it isnt the cps.

    it could be any sensor mate so get the code...
  12. smithy13 Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    what about if i were to strip the obd2 dizzy and remove the cps from that. would that fit?
  13. PittStop Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    get the CEL code ffs!!!

    just because that guy said its the cps, doesnt mean it actually is...

    its most likely the distributor.

    and no it won't fit.

    you'll end up breaking the distributor.

    theres alot more to strip than you think :Wink:

    just get an obd1 dizzy..

  14. smithy13 Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    That's the problem tho fella. Took the battery off. Re connected after a minute or two. Flick the ignition switch and it all primed up and fired into life with half a turn of the engine.

    Let it run for around 8 minutes then cut out. CEL light on.

    Connected a piece of wire to the diagnostic plug behind glove box. ABS light goes out and CEL light stays on. No blinks or flashes.

    ECU maybe?

    Its gotta p30.

    Really baffling me now. If I could just pull the code my life would be simples!
  15. captain_sl0w Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Double check the error code procedure and make sure you did it correctly - you should be getting a code. Before retrying the procedure again, you could pull the 7.5A fuse (with the engine off of course) and then put it back in after 30 seconds.
  16. smithy13 Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    right. i found a link to honda tech.

    there was a guy on there that had the same problem with his d16ya Civic dx in the states.

    its pretty much all the same as mine except different engine.

    heres the link

    his ECU was dead. I've checked everything too.

    tomorrow im gonna swap my dads Del Sol ECU into mine. he's got a single cam VTEC d16 so hopefully the ECU will make it fire up.

    so if it does fire up do any of you guys know anyone selling a p30 ECU for one?

    thanks again guys
  17. smithy13 Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    or does anybody know where to get a helms manual for my car?!
  18. PittStop Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    are you pinning up the right connectors?

    thats realy weird :Messed:

    try swapping the ECU, remember a long flash is 10 and a short one is 1
  19. smithy13 Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Its the 2 pin connector not the 3pin connector that gives the diag code right. I'm bridging it correctly. I'd like to find out if there's anyone here in south wales that can check ECU's.

    I also swapped the map sensor over earlier and that wasn't the problem either.

    Even removed the drivers seat to expose the earth for the fuel pump and gave that a clean.
  20. smithy13 Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    YAY! success! swapped over my dads Del Sol ECU code p08. connected battery back up and what do you know, pump primes, CEL light goes off.

    even started the car, half a turn of the key.

    just purchased another p30 ECU for it now so it should arrive in a couple of days.

    thanks again for your help and insight guys, you have been a massive help!!!!

    still gutted i missed taunten deane tho.