Electrical & Lights Eg6 clocks into eg3

Discussion in '5th Generation (1992-1995)' started by FD3S, Thursday 7th Jun, 2018.

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    hi guys

    Just a quick question. I have an eg3 and am planning to do a k swap in the near future. I managed to get hold of some eg6 9k clocks from the VTEC model. My question is will these clocks plug into my eg3 straight? Or are the dash looms in a VTEC EG and a non VTEC EG different?

    If they are different and do need a VTEC dash harness does anyone know if the Del Sol VTEC dash harnesses were the same as the Civic eg6 ones?

    Many thanks.
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    I would think they would just plug straight in. The EKs do but I'm not 100% sure on the EG. Could you not just try swapping them out now and see what happens?