Dyno day - 26th July @ Performance HQ

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    Im organising a dyno day at Performance HQ (Dalgety Bay) for Saturday 26th of July, day is booked and deposit has been paid.

    Where?: Performance HQ Dalgety Bay KY11 9JN

    When?: Saturday 26th July @ 9am

    How much?: £45

    HQ have a state of the art £150k 4WD Dyno room with the latest and most accurate Dynolog system. This will give an accurate reading of power at the wheels from which the flywheel power is easily worked out. This day is open to FWD,RWD and 4WD/AWD. Price will cover 3 runs on the dyno and a general check of AF ratio's etc.

    Naturally this will be an all day event and as such is starting at 9am through till whenever.

    There are only 20 spaces available for the day of which nearly 10 are gone already, if your wanting a space then don't hesitate to pay/get in touch.

    Taking payments of £45 now, please send payments through PayPal as a gift to michaelhunter80@hotmail.com (please include your name, contact number and what you will be driving). Alternatively send me a message and we can work something out. I will be attending Banzai at Crail this coming Sunday (25th) if that's of use to anyone.

    1. Michael - EP3 (PAID)

    2. Liam - DC2 (PAID)

    3. Wayne - EK Saloon (PAID)

    4. Graeme Glass - EP3 (PAID)

    5. Chris McCormack - DC2 (PAID)

    6. Bob Lyall - Accord Type-R (PAID)

    7. Michael Bremner - VW Golf 1.8T (PAID)

    8. Ross Wilkie - VW Golf GTI Edition 30 (PAID)

    9. Martin Dunne - EP3 (PAID)

    10. Tony McGuinness - EK9 (PAID)

    11. Martin Comrie - Altezza (PAID)









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    Presuming you can jus turn up for a general get together too? Id be interested in just popping along, no point dynoing a 1.4 lol!
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    This thread is from 2014!
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