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    Hi folks,
    Just wanted to introduce ourselves, some of you might know already but for those who don't.
    We now have the Uk's only purpose built drift track up here in fife Scotland
    We have had a few closed door and public test days but the Grand Opening is just around the corner.

    Well it’s the big one The Grand Opening Weekender at the uk’s only purpose built drift track.
    We have had public practise days but this is the main event.
    It’s being held over the weekend of the 28th, 29th September. The show car event where there will be Best Club Stand, Car of the Show and other awards with great prizes will be held on the Sunday. We had a great attendance at the last event with over 100 amazing cars on show. Team Beard took the Club Stand and Martin Page walked away with Car of the Show for his immaculate Clio V6.
    We already have Clubs around the UK signed up for the day but have you? If you part of a club, run a club get in touch with myself to get you club involved in what will be a mega event.
    We will have a DJ present and lots of Traders offering their gear. But let’s not forget about the drifting. Some of the best Drift cars and teams from the uk are already signed up. Lucas Oil Uk Drift Team.Slide Motorsport. Team Falken,Garage ****House,David Waterworth,Marcin Mucha to name a few who have confirmed they will be there.
    It’s going to be a weekend not to be missed
    Opening for the Show car area will be 9.30am and hope to have you all there and in place for 10am
    Entry to the event will be £10 per person kids go free, it cost nothing more to have your car as part of a stand. So that’s your car on a stand, with the chance of coming home with an award and prizes a full day’s entertainment by some of the best Drift cars and teams in the uk on track. Some great trade stands, and much more
    So what you waiting for get sharing and get you stand booked in
    We will be adding more to the event as the weeks pass.
    A few links to Facebook below for more information and also the guest drivers we have signed up already
    Anything we can help with ask away
    Cheers Neil

    1. Paul Cheshire Nissan G35
    2 Matt Carter Nissan R32
    3 David Waterworth Nissan S15 V10
    4. Anthony ProDrifter Scott Nissan Rocket Bunny
    5 Matt Stevenson Nissan 350z
    6 Jon JoCa Calvert V8 r33
    7 Ben Manuel E36 M3
    8 Rich Newton Nissan S14
    9. Mark Luney Supra
    10 Alekzandr Law
    11 Matt Samuel
    12 Joseph Ankers
    13 Julian Smith