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    We have the 1.6 turbo diesel model, 2014 registered. I am trying to find out if our experience with the bluetooth is common or of we have a faulty system.

    We have a basic stereo, no touch screen or built-in sat nav. Just FM/DAB radio, CD player and bluetooth.

    My wife and I have Samsung phones. I have an S7 and she has an S9.

    The problems we have are as follows:
    Connection is slow. From starting the car and driving off the stereo takes about 5 minutes to connect to a phone. If during that 5 minutes you try to "force" a connection the bluetooth freezes and will not connect to anything until the ignition is switched off and started again with a brief rest period.
    The stereo says it is connected to one phone and yet plays music or makes/takes calls on the other phone. Yesterday it displayed "Connected to S9". My wife was driving so, using the stereo controls, I made a call to my daughter. The call went through on my phone, the S7.

    The stereo will not display the track/artist details when playing music from a phone. Other cars do it (I use hire cars for business) so clearly the S7 is broadcasting the details.

    My wife changed phones late last year upgrading from an S6 to the S9. We had the same issues with the S6 and S7 combination.

    This is a very frustrating experience and enough to put me off buying another Honda.
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    Why not just buy an after-market Bluetooth kit? Seems a bit crazy to write off a make of car just because of something as trivial as Bluetooth.