Exhaust System DPF Soot Level

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    I would like a way to see what my DPF Soot levels are at rather than just have to guess.
    Any idea what the cheapest and best way of doing this is?
    Some sort of OBD2 reader and software I assume - but what works. Has anyone else done this in a way I can replicate?

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    I now have a Volvo NOT a Honda but - after a far bit of help from someone on a Volvo forum - just this week I have managed to access the DPF sensor data for the differential pressure plus temperature readings using a free Android app (it also accesses the ECU estimate for DPF loading, generated from the differential pressure reading and used to trigger active regen).

    The app is called 'Car Scanner' (on the Google store) and it works in conjunction with a standard Bluetooth ELM327 OBD2 interface (I got mine from the Gearbest website for £2.60 with free P&P.

    I spent ages trying to configure the app to see the specific DPF sensors data, but eventually was advised that I needed to set my 'connection profile' to match my exact car model type (which wasn't at all obvious). Now I've done that I see the soot loading figure, which is the key thing in wanted to see, although it comes up as 'ash amount var. 2'.

    Here's the thread page where I received the necessary advice... https://www.volvoforums.org.uk/showthread.php?t=290526&page=2

    You may find that you don't need to set the connection profile to match your car but, if you do, hopefully there's a 'Honda I-DTEC' option? I believe we both have the same Bosch EDC17 ECU, so it should work?

    Good luck, and please do report back.
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    United Kingdom Sean Slough
    Zebster - its a pointer in a direction (and nothing else I have tried is working)
    I now have Car Scanner.
    I have an ELM327 on order - should arrive later on in the week
    Under Demo I can see
    DPF Bank 1 Delta Pressure
    Inlet Pressure
    Outlet Pressure
    As well as various temp sensors
    But no ash amount var.2

    Where did you find it? [It may not appear on demo - so I won't worry if it doesn't until I try it live]

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    You don't need to be connected to the ELM327 to configure the connection profile. In my link to the Volvo forum, piotrek's post #14 has photos attached which show the relevent steps to configure the connection profile. Hopefully there's a Honda one that'll work with your car? Or maybe you don't need to do that, as some vehicles don't need that to be set up (the previous gen 5-cylinder Volvo diesels could have their DPF sensors read without any setting up).

    The DPF values come up in the table contained in the 'all sensors' section, accessed by tapping that icon from the main page... however I've just tried it and it's inaccessible unless you are connected to the ELM327.

    It's a great app, not as simple as theTorque app for simple trouble code reading/deleting but great for reading and logging sensor data. I had a battery voltage problem and logged the voltage on a long journey to correlate apparently random dash alarms.
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    Just been and had another look at this.
    In the connection profiles there are two for Honda, 1 Honda ODBII, 2 Honda Accord, CR-V 2009-2012 tried both and still can't find any mention of Ash. Lots of other DPF pressure related readings.
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    The ash figure is a little academic as there's not much you or the car can do about it! Hopefully you can access the soot content?