Engine & Gearbox DPF preventative measure.

Discussion in '4th Generation (2013-2017)' started by thebigback, Thursday 7th Feb, 2019.

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    Hi,has anybody used a fuel additive as a preventative measure rather than waiting until the dreaded DPF warning light appears?
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    United Kingdom Sandy NORWICH
    I regularly use Shell or other "super diesel" which contains various additives, for a number of years and never had any DPF issues in the last 5 years.
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    Thank you Sandy52,i'll give super diesel a try.
  4. Zebster H-Tune's Counsel The Evangelists

    Is there any reason to expect a problem?

    The free 'Car Scanner' Android app can read DPF loading and regeneration temperatures to help put your mind at rest (works in conjunction with a Bluetooth ELM327 OBD2 interface, which can be bought for less than £3). I can't be sure if it'll work on your car, but worth a try?
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    Thank you Zebster.
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    United Kingdom David Bedford
    Sorry, I'm a bit late catching up on my reading - I have used Miller's Diesel Additive + supermarket diesel for quite a few years and never had any problems with the DPFs on my Citroen C5's (one of the first cars with a DPF, as I recall) and more latterly with my 2.2 CR-V (which does a lot of short trips - 1.6 miles each way).

    As an aside, my Rolls Royce (aerospace) engineer guide in all things mechanical says that one of the important functions of the additive is to restore some of the lubricating properties of diesel fuel lost when the sulphur content was reduced. Could be why my son's former employer does a brisk trade reconditioning high pressure diesel pumps?