Engine & Gearbox does anyone no how to wire vtec up on a b16 in an ej2?

Discussion in 'Honda B-Series' started by Vinny@HondaTypeRBreakers, Thursday 24th Dec, 2009.

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    hi there i got my hands onto a b16 (EG) saloon and at this very minute im stripping my coupe ready for the b16 to be dropped in but i was thinkin about taking the interior loom out of the saloon and putting it in the coupe but it looks like a nightmare 2 do so does anyone no how 2 wire VTEC up instead of changing the loom?
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    firstly wrong section. Secondly. I.m guessing a ej2 is a EG coupe so correct me if i.m wrong. Right don't touch your interior loom. Just removes your engine loom with your engine. Then fit the b16 with the saloons engine loom. Plug it in where you unplugged your old loom. And valla done. It really is that easy, if both cars are EG of course
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    yes they both are EG but obviously ones VTEC and the others isnt and i no how to to remove and install but don't i have to wire up the VTEC solenoid VTEC pressure switch and something else???
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    no because they are already wired in the saloons engine loom, the saloon is a b16 and they have VTEC. Interior loom has nothing todo with it.
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    no im takin the b16 out of the saloon to put into my non VTEC coupe dude
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    yes and i.m telling you to put the saloons engine loom in your coupe. It really is simple its not difficult. Remove coupe's engine and loom, fit b16 engine and loom. If you are having problems comprehending that then your gonna struggle with a engine swap.
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    I've done plenty of engine swaps but never wired up VTEC before
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    you need to wire the VTEC wires either directly into the ECU or into the connector betweenengine loom and interior loom. so plug it all in and where the VTEC wires meet the interior grey connector you'll see on the interior side there are no wires leading to the ECU remove the rubber grommit that blanks the hole and get an old connector and remove the pins you need to modify your interior loom then run the wires to your ECU. you'll need an ECU printout for this plenty on hondatech us site so look there. theres a whole guide actually there for doing this prob a bit more clear than what i'm saying. as for just pluging it in that doesnt work (personal experience when doing b16 conversion in my coupe) there are no wires in the ej2 coupe for VTEC you have to put them in or change the interior loom for a b16 one which isnt worth the hassle for 3 wires
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    there not wired into the interior loom tho on the ej2 which obviously connects to the ECU hence the above explanation.
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    on b16 conversions i have done. I just swap the engine loom for a b16engine loom and VTEC works. The engine loom is the loom that goes from the engine, to the back of the engine bay through a gromet, into the interior and the ECU plugs in the end, that is the engine loom. So if your trying to add wires from the ECU to the VTEC solenoid. Your adding them to the engine loom not the interior loom, hence why i told him to bin his ej2 engine loom, and fit the eg9's engines loom. Doing it my way means it plug and play and no wires need adding.
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    on the ej2 the loom that comes through the gromit into the engine bay is the interior loom (goes all the way to the fuse box under the drivers footwell no breaks in it) i've done this exact conversion so believe who u want m8 i'm telling you how its done
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    nice 1 wanstar you make a bit more sense
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    Someone asked this same question about 3 days ago, and I answered it...why have you not searched? lol!

    EDIT: This might help a bit: http://hondaswap.com/general-tech-articles/how-wire-VTEC-40811/
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    spot on link i think just scaned it quickly looks about right.
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    also should have plenty spare pins if you want to wire it neatly from old connectors if needed cut all my old connectors of my coupe before it went to get scraped
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    good find ozz needed to look that up, im guessing it will be near enuf the same with putting the b16 or b18 into the EJ yeh?
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    i think you might be wrong there. yes you don't have to add extra wires to the engine loom as it will have the VTEC wires already in but the engine loom finishes at the gormets that are holden on near the suspension tower.

    you then have to run 2 extra wires from the gromet to the interior loom so that the old interior loom has the extra wires for VTEC to be pluged into ECU. 1 wire from the IAB and the other from the VTEC solenoid. you will then have to bridge 2 points on the ECU, the VTEC solenoid and the pressure switch. as the ECU is lookin for 2 signals from VTEC but u will only have one so u bridge the wire.

    my build up might help a little http://www.civiclife.net/forum/showthread.php?t=40096&page=3