does anyone here work with composite?

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  1. pow Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    does anyone here work with composite? ideally carbon fibre.

    lately I've been thinking of a career change and have been looking into becoming a composite engineer. I've made several parts for my Civic and other friends cars from carbon fibre and also other fabric materials which i really enjoyed doing!

    basicly does anyone on here work in this industry and can they shed some light on how id go about getting more training in this area. I've seen a short course that im planning on going on sometime next year to help further develop the skills I've got

    many thanks to those who can help
  2. Carter New Member Getting Started

    I work for a composites company as a laminator making carbon fibre parts for various formula 1 teams and touring cars (and other stuff!). I can't really give tips on how to get into it as i just got lucky by my school getting me work experience at a similar place. I then applied at my current job as a trainee laminator, been there a year or so now.

    Only thing with motor industry is its going down the sh*tter at the moment! so not much work around for us laminators.

    im sure there are courses around that will help you learn, and once you have qualifications you could try contracting as its alot better pay... but harder to get work unless its winter time!

    Have you been doing Wet-lay or Pre-preg?


    Just seen your in brighton, normally a fair bit of boat building down south!
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  3. pow Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    thanks for the info

    yeah I've only done wet lay up atm, would love to get into pre-preg. theres 1 course I've seen that sounds like it teaches you the basics to get started, showes you vacuum bagging, resin infusion and how to set up your own workshop which will come in handy.

    my uncle owns a fair size fibreglass factory but only uses GRP and wet lay, do you think some work experience there might help my chances? id love to get in to automative composites and working in F! would be a wet dream come true but I've noticed that most firms are up north form me but ill look into the boat building, even if it is only for experience.

    thanks again for the help
  4. jdmek Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    United Kingdom Adam London
    might be worth trying to get a few work experience placements/internships. the money will be shit but it will get you a food in the door.

    as far as i know there arent many sports teams down your way.

    try these
  5. Carter New Member Getting Started

    I done my work experience at delta composites! good there, small compared to where i work now but i think the pay is better! If i remember correctly they done alot of work for Renault F1.

    Seen any pre-preg courses? Or Trainee jobs? Would have thought there would be some jobs going atm as now will be the busiest time for F1 composites! Could always try your uncles place to get some experience though. Just apply everywhere and see if you hear anything back!