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    I'm about to purchase a two year old CR-V and on first inspection of the car it clearly needed a decent wash. I know the weather hasn't been on our side but I'm a bit of a stickler for a tidy car inside and out. To put my stamp on my new HONDA I might clay bar the paint work do you think this would be necessary or just a good clean polish and wax. In the past I've claybared my cars but the paintwork has been older and has dramatically improved the appearance and feel to the bodywork. Does my two year old CR-V need this ?. I've read that the paint is softer on the HONDA cars so I don't want to damage the paintwork. Appreciate some advice thanks guys.:Thumbup: :gohonda:
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    Clay bar is probably safer than some polish compounds, especially cutting ones. You could always just polish a small area then run your hand over the paintwork, if it doesn't feel silky smooth then claybar away!
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    Claybar is a good idea. It will ensure you have a good clean surface upon which to seal and wax your CR-V.
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    As mentioned claybar won't do any harm to the paint.

    You'll be amazed with how much grime clay barring will pick up. I recon clay bar, followed by some wash will have your new CR-V gleaming.
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    Before you do clay bar i would recommend that you spray iron x all over the car and then clay bar the whole car.

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    Thanks for the advice. I'm going to spend the day on a wash then use this Iron X spray to remove further contaminants in the bodywork. Then use another spray called Tar X which obviously removes any tar build up. Then Claybar polish and wax. Job done. I think a should cover it. Not sure who sells this cool stuff but.
    Thanks for the advice. AccordCU2 sent me a cool link with this Iron X spray and tar X spray you use before you claybar. You should see the dirt lift out of the paintwork. Check it out. Not sure where to buy this stuff but I'll check tinternet out. Thanks again.:gohonda:
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    Thanks for the advice on this cool X spray. After watching this video I was amazed by the amount of dirt that was oozing out of the paintwork. What already looked really clean.:Niceone:
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    Watch the link that AccordCU2 has just sent me brilliant. Iron X spray and Tar X spray. Must have these in my garage. :Happy: