Sold DMR Trailblade 2's and Thompson seat post

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    Both located just North of Gatwick.

    Can deliver locally or further afield if I'm in your area for work.

    Can post. But I'll only post with tracked, so don't cry at the slightly higher postage cost.

    Paypal ONLY if buyer covers fees and sends as 'goods'. No 'goods' and your money will get refunded.

    DMR Trailblade 2's. 20mm bolt through, disc only, 168mm steerer (pretty short I'm afraid). They are in pretty good nick, but at the end of the day, they are dirt jump forks so have had a few bails.

    £40 and £13 postage.


    Thompson Elite seat post. Ultra light jobby. Weighs around 8oz. 30mm diam, 350mm long. Excellent condition. Only rode for a few months till I snapped the head tube off my 4X bike.

    £20 and £8 postage


    Lots more bikey bits up for sale soon including my Orange Zero, Downhill bike and more
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    Cheers man
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    Trailblades SOLD.