disconnecting every 2 minutes! :@

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    im on virgin media (meant to be the fastest) and all i get with it is trouble. it doesnt keep a stable connection on my pc or xbox what the hell can i do to sort it out.

    on my pc i can be downloading at like 800kb/s then 1 minute later its at about 4 kb/s its bloody annoying

    and on my xbox on mw2 i go into a game get a few kills then get kicked from the lobby and it keeps doing it. same as forza aswell!

    any suggestions
  2. F3RG1E Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    Your sure its broadband and not the fastest dial-up 56k connection your on ? :Tongue: j/k

    It can depend on a lot of things tbh. Has it been happenin since you got it installed or has it just been playing up recently? Do you use wireless for the 360 or the ethernet? It could be that there is some problems in your area, so i would check here first to see if there are any issues in your area, as i know a few folk that are having short disconnection problems with virgin in their area just now.


    Just put your region in and it will tell you if there are problems in your area.

    I find with some torrentz i can download at over 1Mb/s and others as bad as 4kb/s, but it depends on how many people share, the more the merrier of course. Im with virgin media aswell and i mind them telling me that although its meant to be 10Mb, during peak-times it would run a tad slower due to a lot of people being on (though its never effected me that much). If you have flatmates then make sure they aint dowloading porn. I've been on xbox live, without knowing my gf had been downloading movies (not porn lol) and it caused major lag and I've been dc'd a few times. So check that aswell.
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    I'm with o2 and mine disconnects all the time, especially if the phone rings..
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    I've got virgin media broadband, sure its 18mb or whatever, ment to be reasonably fast and im using a netgear wireless router, and i get signed out of msn every 20 odd mins, sumtimes more than that, and when i'm loading a page it will loose connection and I've got to refresh, its so annoyin its unreal!!