Detailing Diamond cut alloy corrosion

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    Hi All,
    Could someone give me advice on the best approach to repair the attached alloys.
    The wheels are on my Accord Type-S 8th Generation 2013 and are 18" Diamond cut

    I know they can be diamond cut again but it is very expensive in Ireland - is there a cheaper option?
    Has anyone done a DIY job on theirs?


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    That's very bad - they look as though they've cleaned with something very harsh. There was a hand car wash where I used to live that was using concrete cleaner, exposed in the local newspaper...

    However, even my pampered Accord diamond cuts were showing some signs after three years, but Honda replaced all four under warranty when I pointed it out. Which was nice.
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    Thanks for replies I rang wheel wizards today and they quoted 550 euro!
    Bit expensive.
    There is a crowd called dentpro who do a "smart" mobile repair for 450 but not convinced yet....
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    IMO smart mobile repairs are always poor quality .
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    Going with Wheel Wizards - thanks for the recommendation!
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    I agree :whathesaid:
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