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    Hello guys!
    I need your help, I want to buy diagnostic tool for my Accord. I don't need it very expensive and for professional use. I need a simple one, not to expensive (20-30Eur.) and use for few times, when I see some electrical problems. What you could suggest? I looked in Aliexpress there was some ''cool'' diagnostic tools, but it works for JDM cars from 2005, and mine is 2004... :Smile: But maybe it would work for me too? :Smile: I will wait your suggestions! Thanks a lot :Smile:
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    First and important question: What kind of electrical problem do you want to solve? Level 1 ones (Pxxxx) or Level 2 subsystems like SRS/VSA etc?

    Level 1 I would suggest not the cheapest one but somewhere midrange. For anything Level 2 you will need a HDS HIM and HDS software.

    I was lucky to pick mine up for £100 on EPay posted. The Chinxi clones are NOT updateable and bound to the version os software it is shipped with. There are guys on here that have bought them. Some did and some didn't have probs with them.

    From my own point of view I waited until an original came about and was sooooo lucky to snatch it up for the max I was prepared to pay for it... :Rolf::clap::Innocent:
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    Thank you very much for your help much appreciated.
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    An ELM327 Bluetooth OBD2 adaptor can be had for under £3 and the necessary Android app can be got for free (e.g. 'Torque' or 'Car Scanner'). When correctly configured the 'Car Scanner' app will do far more than simply read powertrain DTCs... after properly setting up the connection profile I can read the values of most sensors and calculated values on my Volvo, including DPF loading and engine oil level sensor data (which are the things I couldn't otherwise see with even my more expensive diagnostic tools).

    In any case, the 7th Generation Accord has several on-board diagnostic functions that can be run to reveal sensor data and trouble codes, including for the ventilation system and ABS/VSA system. All for free!