Sold DC5 Gearbox

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    Item for Sale:  DC5 Gearbox

    Price: £800

    Location: Holbeach Lincs.

    Condition: 9/10

    Description: This is my DC5 gearbox i have nearly finished building.  It is a genuine DC5 box with LSD and the shorter 4/5/6 gears.  I have cleaned it all up and re-assembled the whole thing.  I bought all new bearings and seals which cost a bomb and fitted them into the case.  All the synchro's were fine, nothing was crunchy upon removal and all looked good on inspection.  The only thing left to do is to shim and seal the box.  I have closed it all down to see if it all spins and selects as it should and it does.  But without the correct shims it would destroy itself.  I am more than happy to close the box all up so they can see it spin/select.  I was having it shimmed, but the guy doing it had it two weeks and it never moved from the box i put it in, so i just took it back lol.

    Pictures of the box and one through the diff:


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    Prob won't need re shiming. 9/10 they are okay with original ones back in. Check it with a dti.
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    Thanks for approval x3 lol

    It may not need reshimming but i lost the use of all my measuring tools when i lost my job so id rather just state it'll need a re-shim before being sealed back up.  All the hard work has already been done really!
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    Bump will take offers?
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    Did this sell?
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    No mate it's still for sale
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