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    Hey, guys. I want to know how you usually meet girls? Do you use online Dating sites or Tinder for this ? Or as it usually happens? Let's share our experience.
  2. Heckler Evangelist H-Tune Community

    I've not been on a date since my partner died aged just 38. :Frown:
  3. Zebster Evangelist H-Tune Community

    Unfortunately there's a court order preventing me from approaching women until spring 2030.
  4. Edsan Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Is it joke?
  5. Zebster Evangelist H-Tune Community

    Sadly I'm pretty sure that Heckler was being serious, but I'm not sure about you or me...

    Perhaps a car forum isn't the best place for this sort of query. Personally I met my wife in the workplace, but it was over 25 years ago and nowadays there'd probably be strict HR policies about this sort of thing... nevertheless I suggest that if you are looking for a lasting relationship then you join busy clubs/places/groups where you can engage with women without the immediate pressure of forming personal relationships and then see how it goes. I had some 'success' as a member of a local walking group, which was an activity I was very keen on anyway and lets you get to know people beyond just their looks, as intelligence and humour are also very attractive things.

    Good luck. There's as many women as men looking for partners so the odds are on your side.
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  7. Heckler Evangelist H-Tune Community

    I wasn't sadly... she passed away in 2008... just a few months after my brother did... who started a cascade effect that eventually rose to 18 people betwwen Oct 30th 2007 and July 21st 2016... Started with my brother and ended with my dad... In between I lost all of my aunts and uncles on my dads side and only one remains on my mums side. I lost friends, cousins and family friends I'd known my entire life. The youngest was 38 and the oldest 81.

    So when you wonder why I'm such a grumpy, cynical old fart... you know why... it grinds you down. :Tongue:
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    My missus of the last 18 months was a Tinderella, if I'm brutally honest - but that was serious hit and miss even at the ripe old age of 20 as I was when I met her.
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    I really hope this was a joke...:gotcha: