Engine & Gearbox D16 EP3. how can i get more bhp??

Discussion in 'Honda D-Series' started by FatheadEP3, Friday 25th Dec, 2009.

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    HI there i have a 1.6 se sport with Type-R kit koni coilovers a-tech drift wheels, js racing decat exhaust and manifold and an AEM induction kit just woundering whats the next step ? Any ideas ?

  2. Andy Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


    Not much else you can do without spending mega bucks for very little gain. Best bet would be to save for an EP3 :Smile:

    Some would say stripping the back seats out would make a difference though so you could maybe try that!

    Check out Remould's build for inspiration: http://www.civiclife.net/forum/showthread.php?t=44473
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    Thanks for the thread mate can't afford Type-R insurance soo ... bit of a bummer was thinking about a turbo conversion
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    insurance will be cheaper on a ep3than a turbo conversion. Unless you aint gonna declare it, but then if you get caught, i doubt you'd afford to insure a Jazz. Anyway, racetech on here do turbo conv for dseries, there designed for EG's and EK's, but he does custom jobs. Expect to pay 3to 3.5g to have it fully workin and running though. For that price performanctec convert a em2 coupe to Type-R spec. So don't think the price will be much different for a ep2
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    Probably the easiest way to get lots of power :Smile:

    Edit: smilley beat me to it :Wink:

    D16T uninsured = fail
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    Probably cheaper to buy an EP3 then :Smile: mite just put a stage 1 cam on it and consentrate on looks .