Engine & Gearbox d15z6 - d16y8 . what ecu is needed?

Discussion in 'Honda D-Series' started by Jake@redbitz, Saturday 5th Dec, 2009.

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    As it says in the title , going to collect a d16y8 for my ek3 tomorro hopefuly.

    What ECU is needed?

    and am i right in thinking everything else is a plug in bolt in and play?

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    list of ECU that go in what honda. its american so you'll have to do some serching to figure out what the americans called there Civic with the y8 in.

    as for the wiring. some people say its plug and play, others don't. its all down to VTEC wiring. as the ek3 has the econo switch i believe these wires can be used to trigger the VTEC solenoid.

    unfortunately i've done that many swaps since a did this particualr swap i can't remember if that is correct or not.
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    You will need to change the 02 sensors as well

    you need two 4 wires sensors (one in the mani and one in the cat)

    as for ECU you can use the y8 one but you will need to get the imob recoded (honda can do this)